Before my baby is due

This app explains the main options available to help you decide your preferences for your maternity care in West Yorkshire and Harrogate.

Your midwife will discuss your medical history and any previous births with you, as this may affect what is recommended for you.

The NHS organisations in West Yorkshire and Harrogate are working together as a Local Maternity System (LMS) to support you, your partner and your family to know what is available for you, so you can make decisions which are right for you.

Every pregnancy journey is different. Your maternity team is committed to supporting your individual needs.

Before your baby is due (antenatal)

Every woman is entitled to antenatal care. It is important to start your antenatal care as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed. You will have a named midwife, who will co-ordinate your care. You will be offered a range of appointments and tests. Some women need more appointments or tests than others. Some of your antenatal care may be offered in a Children’s Centre or GP Surgery. Some appointments will take place in a hospital outpatient clinic, such as your ultrasound scan and appointments with Obstetricians (pregnancy doctors).

Supportive partners

Sharing your pregnancy journey with your partner is important for  you both. Talking to each other and sharing your feelings is really important. Partners are welcome at your appointments and the birth, if you/they wish.

Continuity of carer

Studies (Sandall et al, 2016) show that maternity care, including the birth, provided by a midwife or team of midwives you know, leads to better outcomes and safety for you and your baby. Across West Yorkshire and Harrogate continuity of carer is being introduced for most women over the coming years.